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New brows, new you 🪄 

Hi! 👋🏻 I’m Gianna, a Permanent Makeup Artist in Tarpon Springs, FL. I spontaneously found a passion for Permanent makeup and it gets better the more clients I meet. Not only do I get to create dream brows, but connecting with you all is the cherry on top! I love being able to make friends while doing what I love and making you all happy as well. Thank you so much for checking out my website, I’m so glad you’re here. My goal is to give you the brows you’ve always dreamt of ❤️

Benefits to getting PMU Brows

✨ accentuates your features

✨ lasts 2-3 years

✨ gives a naturally lifted look

✨ symmetry

✨ quicker mornings/no brow routine

✨ wet/smudge proof 

Also, I really want to thank you for checking out my website! To contact me, please email me at or text/ call me at 727-888-4196

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A small handheld manual tool is used to make tiny hair-like strokes with pigment that matches your natural hair color. The goal is to make your brows as natural as possible and to follow the shape of your natural brow flow. 

*Microblading is NOT recommended for those with oily skin, big pores and mature skin as it will not retain pigment very well and blur out with time*

Powder brows

Also known as shading, it gives an overall makeup look. Unlike microblading, a machine is used to insert tiny pixel-like dots of pigment into the skin instead of a manual tool, which overall makes it look like a soft and powdered effect. It’s also less painful and embrasive.

Powder works best on ALL skin types: oily, mature, dry, etc.

Mapping and choosing the right color will be done prior to the procedure! You can choose how thin/thick you want them to be.

Combination brows

A combination of microblading and powder/ shading

* If any pain arises, numbing cream will be used *

*Brows are a two step process! After the initial appt, pigment can fade up to 40%. A touchup is recommended to get the overall desired look*

Appointments, price, and duration time


Microblading, Powder, Combination - $350

Initial appt/new client: 3-4 hours

2-3 month touchup/ color boost - $150 (returning clients only)

***if you went to another artist for initial appt, you must pay the initial appt price ***

6-10 months - color boost (if needed) $125

Annual touchup - $200

After 2 years- $350 (full price)

*The longevity of your PMU depends on your skin type, lifestyle, skin products, how well you follow aftercare and exposure to the sun. Please wear spf on healed brows! (Healed after 14 days)*


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Before procedure 


- Avoid caffeine, smoking, alcohol, coffee, or energy drinks 24 hours prior

- Do not have a sunburnt face

- Avoid taking any blood thinners, aspirin, niacin, or ibuprofen 24 hours prior 

- Stop taking vitamins 48 hours prior (unless is required by doctor* must have note)

- Avoid omega 3 fish oil 7 days before treament

- Retinol products may effect pigment 

(If medication/vitamins are needed, doctors note is required) 

*this also may result in more touchups*

-No Botox treatments should be done 3 weeks prior or 4 weeks after procedure 

-Do not workout heavily the day of or 2 weeks after 

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Aftercare Do's and Dont's


Your brows will go through phases of being very dark, the patchy, patches will fall off, then the brows will be getting very light. It’s a process that if you’re patient with it will all workout! Then after your touchup, they will be beautiful again and stick much better.

1-4 days your brows will be very dark and thick

5-7 days they will get patchy, DONT PICK OR RUB 🚨 

8-14 days most of the patches will fall off! Don’t panic 🤗

15-30 days your brows will be 50% lighter again


- Sweating, swimming, sauna, hot tub, salon tanning, being in the sun

-cleaning garage, no debris must come in contact w brows

-Applying makeup in eyebrow region

-Drinking alcohol in excess (first two days)

* Keep brows from getting wet the first 10 days unless washing them *

What do avoid the next 30 days: 

-Any facials (laser or chemical peelings), or any creams containing retin A or glycol acid on the face or neck 


-Use of antibiotic and hormonal therapy can lead to faster pigment fading

-Picking, peeling or scratching the eyebrow

-Once completely healed, apply a layer of SPF 30 when exposed to the sun

(not only during the first 7 days)

*failure to follow the aftercare instructions can lead to infection, pigment loss and/ or discoloration*

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For safety reasons, I do not offer Permanent makeup services to individuals with the following medical conditions

Pregnant or nursing (must be finished nursing atleast 6 months)
Keloid and or hypertrophic scarring
Cancer and/or chemotherapy 
Hemophilia / Sickle cells disease
Hepatitis B/C
Human immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)
Other autoimmune disease/s 
Major heart conditions / pacemaker

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